Can you see it? It’s your future? Is it clear? REFLECTING

As business owners it’s so important to take a day to reflect and gain clarity and insight for the upcoming year.   What’s working?  What’s not?  How are things going?  Personally?  Professionally? Are you running with a full tank or are you running on empty?

Like a wise person once said “You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you have been!”   

Here’s a simple exercise to get you thinking — grab a java, do some reflecting and take some notes.    Better yet, if you’re part of a group why not throw around some thoughts together!

The Good:

  1. What was my proudest moment?

  2. What made me the happiest?

  3. What did I enjoy most about my business?

  4. What was my most rewarding moment?

  5. What was my biggest aha this year?

The Challenges:

  1. What are my biggest challenges?

  2. In what area could I use further training, education or practice?

  3. What part of my business could I delegate or get assistance with?

  4. What do I need help with at home?  in business?

  5. Could I collaborate or share with others?  Have I even considered this option?

Did I fulfill my goals for: 

  1. Health?

  2. Business?

  3. Charity?

  4. Education?

  5. Family? Fun?

Upcoming year:

  1. What does my business look like?

  2. Whose lives am I impacting?

  3. What do I want for my family?

  4. Am I locked on to my “Why” and “Purpose”?

  5. What do I really want to achieve?

    Love to see your comments and great ideas!


Why have a Guest Day?

If you are in business and want to leverage your time one of the most effective ways to do this is to be part of a team.

Being on a team gives you more time to be “working on” your business as opposed to “working in” your business.    For example, what if your 5 calls per day to meet people were leveraged with a team of 10.    That’s 10 x 5 = 50 calls per day…   50 x 5 = 250 calls per week…..

What if your team is a networking group and you have a plan, and each month you create a special day to invite the people you are meeting to join you?

What if this means you can help them by giving them an opportunity to meet new people to grow their business?   What if this means your team will also have the opportunity to meet these people?

What if we call it GUEST DAY?

Sound good?  Read on:

1 – What is the Goal of the monthly Guest Day?  

To grow your personal database!   If you have a business, you need to meet new people!

Do you want to grow your personal contact database and meet new people?

Yes?  Read on:

No:  Awesome!  I would really like to connect as it would seem it is time for you to expand your business.

I know a LOT of people and would love to help you make that happen!

2 – You joined a Network to meet new people and grow your business?  

Yes?  Read on:

No:  I would love to hear from you to understand your reason for joining a network.
As part of my learning process and business process improvement cycle, I think it is important to understand all the different reasons why people join a network.

3 – You want to learn and practice strategies of successful business people?  

Yes?  Read on:

No:  I really want to speak to you!  I am always looking to engage people who have these strategies nailed down tight.
The more I can connect with people like you who might be willing to share, the better off everybody is.

4 – You want to learn more about a GUEST DAY? Read on: 

It will help you create the habits you need to be successful and put you in front of people.

It will help you stay in touch with your clients — and cultivate relationships – follow this link to learn more Building your Network – ABC’s of CRM’s

It will give you a reason to reach out and MEET new people.

The goal is to work  and grow your personal database, a great benefit of this action and habit that all successful business people utilize (like 5 calls per day) is that it will also give you connections to other businesses that want to grow their business.

They will definitely remember you for being so thoughtful and offering them this opportunity, didn’t you like being invited?  

You are not selling them anything, right?    Remember when you are in business the #1 activity to do is always be meeting people to grow your database.

From a group perspective here’s how your month should work:

First week: (map it out)     

Who do we need in our group?

Second week: (accountability)

Who did you reach out to?

How many people did you meet?

Third week:  (logistics)  

Take a look at your list and lets figure out who is coming?

Fourth week: (enjoy the benefits of your efforts)

Successful Guest Day!

This exercise is about growing your database not selling Networking Memberships.
Nobody really wants to be “SOLD”.  Besides…

Your goal is to MEET them! 
IF your meeting adds value to a business person’s life, and they decide to be a part of your group, AWESOME!

IF they decide not to join but connect you to $50,000.00 in business, ALSO AWESOME!

IF you did not ever meet them……………need I say more….


Inviting you to join me for a Guest Day in Ottawa 

To meeting new people!


I am a magnet for referrals and opening the door to opportunity……..

First things first, write that down and make it your daily mantra!

“I am a magnet for referrals and opening the door to opportunity!” 

How do you become a referral magnet in your business networking group?  The great thing is, it starts with YOU – set your pace and LEAD by example.

5 STEPS to get started:

STEP 1 – Make everyone feel welcome.

  • Make others feel great – Smile, say Hi, make eye connection!
  • When you have Guests at your meeting, watch for them, make eye contact, invite them in, introduce them
  • Show up looking good and feeling great, YOU must bring your POSITIVE ATTITUDE


STEP 2 – Schedule in the appropriate time for your business meetings

  • You get what you give and it starts with how YOU are perceived in your group
  • Be consistent, accountable, attend meetings regularly, follow up, participate, put the cell away, be “all in”
  • Your meeting is their first indication on how YOU will act with their referrals, are your portraying a great message?
  • Give yourself enough time to be on time.
  • Have a replacement for the days you are unavailable – ask around, you will be surprised how many are willing to jump in to speak on your behalf and meet new contacts — you will “stand out” with your guests and with your group.


STEP 3 – Clearly share what you need to succeed 

  • Is your message clear?  Does your group know who you are looking for, where to look, what to listen for, have you trained your “marketing team/business group” effectively?  
  • Who do you want to help and what do you need help with?
  • What do you have to offer – product, service, event, collaborations?
  • What makes you stand out and sets you apart from everyone else?


STEP 4 – Be prepared, enthusiastic and excited about showing up to your meetings

  • Be prepared for presentations – these are designed to help you stand out, but also for you to fine tune your presentation and speaking skills.  Ask your group if your message is clear?
  • Engage in conversations to strengthen your relationships.  Listen, brainstorm with the members of your group to learn how you can help each other?
  • Are you making the first move to build a viable relationship for both of you?


STEP 5 – Be conscious of your audience – it’s business to business. 

  • In a business group you are not selling your services, you are educating your marketing team – yes business can happen, but if you are constantly “selling to your group” you will probably not be happy with the results.
  • Ask questions, take notes, truly gain an understanding of what the businesses in your group are looking for so they will be top of mind each week.
  • Your group can become a natural referral for your clients, friends and connections. It’s a Win, Win, you become the person people “go to”

Now get out there – make the first move, set the example and begin the “LIKE, KNOW & TRUST” of building relationships that will have people calling YOU the “REFERRAL MAGNET”

I invite you to a FREE meeting at one our upcoming meetings or events in Ottawa.

Margaret-Ann Davis
GR Franchisee (Greater Ottawa Area)
GR Business Networking



F.O.R.M. Getting to know you!

I am not sure who originally created this acronym but I am particularly fond of it.  It is not only a great way to start a conversation and communicate, but it is a great way to uncover facts and understand the people you are connecting with.

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How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?
Spring is in the air, oh the smells and sounds of new beginnings, can you feel it?  It’s my favourite season of the year,  you can literally hear, smell and see growth all around you, time to think, what seeds are you going to plant this year?
Whether you’re planting seeds to grow a garden, your business, a group, here’s a few things to think about.

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Referrals – by-products of a relationship

Let’s talk Referrals! 

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